Adult Literacy

Calvary Women’s Services
Calvary Women's Services is a nonprofit organization in Washington, DC, that provides housing and support services to homeless women.

The Junior League Of Washington volunteers develop and present life skills workshops to homeless women residing at the Calvary Women’s Services' main shelter. The life skills workshops prepare women for independent living with personalized skills development and, exposure to problem-solving methods and confidence-building activities. 

Community Family Life Services
The Junior League Of Washington volunteers facilitate a monthly book club for residents of a transitional housing center run by Community Family Life Services (CFLS), a non-profit organization whose mission is to help people who are low-income and homeless achieve personal growth, social and economic self-sufficiency, and independence through a web of integrated care, regardless of their faith.

Community Training Committee
Community Training Committee members provide training to community organizations to help their clients achieve personal goals as they proceed through recovery programs. Most clients are working toward staying clean, finding permanent housing and becoming a better parent. The CTC brings the clients closer to reaching their goals by training on topics that involve life skills (i.e. financial literacy, budgeting, borrowing basics, resume writing, etc.) and personal development (i.e. goal setting, stress management, conflict management, nutrition).

IONA Senior Services
Through IONA Senior Services, The Junior League Of Washington volunteers deliver meals to seniors who would otherwise not be able to prepare meals for themselves or be able to afford private in home services. In addition to the Weekend Meal Delivery Program, JLW members also participate in other IONA programs including the Friendly Visitor and Grocery Shopping Programs.

For almost 20 years, the The Junior League Of Washington has enjoyed a partnership with Langley Residential Support Services (LRSS), a Northern Virginia-based non-profit offering a variety of quality comprehensive residential and community services for mentally challenged adults. The Junior League Of Washington initially became involved with Langley through a joint project with the Junior League of Northern Virginia to fund the purchase of a new group home, later named “The Junior League House.”

Nearly 30 Junior League Of Washington volunteers support Langley with weekly programs focused on improving literacy. Several times a year, the committee also plans weekend activities with the Langley consumers, such as a holiday cooking class and an annual talent show.

My Sister’s Place
Since 1979, JLW volunteers have been involved in staffing and providing logistical support to the safe house known as My Sister’s Place (MSP). JLW volunteers go thru an extensive 25-hour training program, and provide a 2-year commitment to staff the children’s program, the HOTLINE and provide support to many of the on-going actives at MSP.

N Street Village
Founded by Luther Place Memorial Church, N Street Village is a center that offers a spectrum of services for homeless and low-income women in the Washington metro area. During the year, JLW volunteers plan a Sunday evening dinner, and Saturday afternoon lunch and craft event every month. These events allow the women time to socialize with the volunteers and other women outside of their specific programs. In addition to regular monthly events, the committee plans three special events during the year. To encourage literacy at these events, volunteers provide a selection of books for the women and their children to take home with them. 

National Rehabilitation Hospital
The Junior League Of Washington volunteers recently celebrated their fifteenth year providing support and assistance to the patients and hospital staff at National Rehabilitation Hospital (NRH). NRH is dedicated to the treatment and education of patients who have suffered strokes and traumatic brain or spinal cord injuries. Volunteers support NRH at weekly meetings where volunteers play interactive games such as bingo with the patients and their families. The games help with the patients' motor skills and provide an enjoyable escape for the patients and their families from the normal hospital routine.