2nd Annual Evening of Poetry & Prose

As part of the Junior League of Washington’s promotion of literacy, League volunteers hosted the 2nd Annual Evening of Poetry & Prose at Calvary’s Women Shelter on May 22, 2012. We were hoping at least half of the residents would either write a poem to recite or share their favorite poem or short story, but our expectations were surpassed when over 85% of the women participated. Poetry is a wonderful way for the women at Calvary share their thoughts and feelings. We wanted to share one of the poems as it’s amazing and thought provoking.

Bag Lady
By: Kimberly A. Rhones

Bag Lady! Bag Lady!

Why you still sitting in the park
You’d better hurry up
Cause soon it will be dark

Bag Lady! Bag Lady!
It’s almost seven if you want a bed
Otherwise if you’re late
where you gon lay your head

Bag Lady! Bag Lady!
Did you even eat
Well I know there’s some bread and veggies
And if you’re lucky maybe even a little meat

Bag Lady! Bag Lady!
I can see right now you’ve had a bad day
Of course no one not even me
Wants to go to bed feeling that way

O Bag Lady! Bag Lady!
Can’t you see
This thing that you’re going thru right now
Won’t last forever wouldn’t you agree

Bag Lady! Bag Lady!
Don’t give up hope
The day will come soon
When you will look back on this and joke


Bag Lady! Bag Lady!
What did you do
You went to bed miserable
And this morning you’re brand new

Bag lady! Precious Lady!
Yes I’ll change your name
Cause you’re walking like royalty
You don’t even look the same

Mighty Lady! Precious Jewel!
And O for the price you paid Looks like your
God proved faithful after all
Cause now you’re fearfully and wonderfully made

Calvary will hold the 3rd Annual Evening of Poetry and Prose in May of 2013.

Please share your favorite poem in the comments. And don’t forget to attend the 12th Annual National Book Festival on September 22 and 23 to hear Poetry Out Loud, National Student Poets and much more.