5 Steps to Adopt-A-Family Through CFLS and Lift Your Community’s Holiday Spirit

There are thousands of families in the Greater D.C. community that will go without necessities, much less the exchange of gifts, this winter. 

I know this is news to none of you. 

Here are five steps to help lift your community’s holiday spirit and Adopt-A-Family through Community Family Life Services (CFLS).

1. Learn About Community Family Life Services

Community Family Life Services (CFLS) is an 18-month transitional housing facility for men, women, and children who are formerly homeless, recovering from substance abuse issues, and most have regained custody of their children from the foster care system. 

Junior League of Washington (JLW) volunteers plan and facilitate life skills training for the CFLS parents, helping them as they transition to a new chapter of their lives.  An activity is planned for the children, and a dinner is provided for the group.

2. Adopt-A-Family

Each year, the women of JLW’s CFLS Committee adopt approximately 70 families to support through the holiday season.  These are families that the Committee members get to know and see on a consistent basis each month.

To adopt a family, please contact CFLS Committee Co-Chairs Lisa Buckley (lbuckley1011@gmail.com) or Alexis DeBernardis (avdebernardis@gmail.com) who will send you information for a family that they know would appreciate your gifts.

3. Review Your Family’s Wish List

Once you’ve adopted a family, review the Family’s Wish List that is sent to you.  While some lists may contain recreational items, please be sure the highlight the essentials, such as books, food, coats and other clothing, as well as healthcare items.  These are the priorities on your list.

4. Go Shopping!

It is a $125 commitment to adopt a family and well worth the money.  Use the Family’s Wish List to help you procure the items.  And be sure that you do your shopping before the holiday rush!

5. Give The Gifts

JLW’s CFLS Committee volunteers plan and host a holiday party each December where the Adopt-A-Family gifts are given to CFLS families.  See some photos on our Facebook gallery from last year’s event.  All donations must be received at JLW Headquarters by Friday, December 6th, 2013 and clearly marked. 

Sara Swabb, JLW Public Relations Committee