Women improving the Washington DC Community since 1912

Awards Given

As an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women and improving the community through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers, the Junior League of Washington (JLW) recognizes the outstanding efforts and contributions of its members each year through the Sally Carruthers Spirit of Voluntarism Award and the President’s Award for Excellence in Voluntarism.

First awarded in May 1985, the Sally Carruthers Spirit of Voluntarism Award is the JLW’s highest award and recognizes members who have made exceptional contributions of time and voluntary efforts to the League and the greater Washington community throughout their life. Recipients of the Sally Carruthers Spirit of Voluntarism Award have consistently demonstrated leadership and dedication to voluntarism over the years; through both League involvement and personal community activism they have strengthened and improved our communities and encouraged others to volunteer.

In 1988 the JLW expanded its awards program with the President’s Award for Excellence in Voluntarism, awards honoring members who have contributed outstanding volunteer service during the most recent JLW fiscal year.  Each year three awards are given, one in each of the following areas of voluntarism: (1) Community Placement, for direct service to the community through JLW placements; (2) Community Support, for service to the community through support activities such as training, fundraising, collaborative efforts, outreach, and public awareness; and (3) In-League, for service to the community through JLW and its members, such as membership services, programs, placement, and finance. The JLW also recognizes the runners-up to the annual President's Award for Excellence with an Above and Beyond Award Certificate.

The Junior League would like to recognize, congratulate, and, most of all, thank the following award winners for their years of volunteer service and leadership.

Sally Carruthers Spirit of Voluntarism Award Recipients
1985 Charlotte Ramsay, Judy Cox, & Bland Keith 1986 Elene Gill, Molly Bayley, & Douglas Sprunt
1987 Suzzi Dickson, Margaret Collins,
Sarah Becker & Donna Glenn
1988 Patty Andringa, Martha Oliphant, &
Margot Bradford
1989 Elisabeth Griffith, Janet MacNamara Harrison, Ruth Hubbell McKey, & Mary Lou Semans 1990 Tina Cleland, Linda Daxon, Syd Goodwin, Susan Koehler, & Mary Spottswood Pou
1991 Sara DeCarlo & Lesley McFarland 1992 Ruth Anne King & Penny Morrill
1993 Vicki Fisk & Cathy Martens 1994 Shirley Grant
1995 Maria Estefania 1996 Catherine Hotvedt & Martha ("Martie") Kettmer
1997 Joye M. Vige 1998 Nancy P. Register
1999 Janet W. Beckmann 2000 Julia P. Fermoile
2001 Frida Burling 2002 Elizabeth ("Betsy") Duff
2003 Anne Riser 2004 Christine Benero
2005 Ann Fragale 2006 Susan Marshall
2007 Linda DuRoss 2008 Aimee Picard
2009 Lynee Porfiri 2010 Ellen Spencer
2011 Catherine Smith Blakley 2012 Patricia ("Patti") Bothwell Beatty
2013 Susan Snare 2014 Susan DeLiddo Michels
2015 Caren Forsten 2016 Pam Traxel


JLW President's Award for Excellence in Voluntarism Recipients
Year Community Placement  Community Support In-League Service
1988 Mimi Barringer & Eileen Evans  Eileen Reed Janice Menki
1989 Penny Morrill Linda Slattery Betsy Hawkings
1990 Sally Wallace Lee Royen Mary Olivia MacLeod
1991 Shirley Grant Barbara Rohde Sandra Lambert
1992 Cindy Seibert Kathy Dickason Barbara Block
1993 Jennifer Iker & Liz Moore Becky Beach Sandord McAllister
1994 Beth Raymond Lissy Bower & Laurie Wolynec Laurie Rains
1995 Susan Newton Jill D'Andrea & Andrea Katz Linda DuRoss
1996 Maria Marks Margaret Trimble Sabrina Laudati
1997 C.C. Christakos Jennifer Brooke-Davidson Deme Anas
1998 Merrill Wegner Susan Marshall Denise Meiners & Stephanie Platz-Vieno
1999 Susie B. Greer Catherine C. Sterling Susan Anderson Dungan
2000 Virginia ("Ginny") A. Denning Kristin L. Walberg Sabrina Laudati Reilly
2001 Amy Balbach Audrey E. Lamb &
Stephanie D. Smith
Sandra Aresti
2002 Caren Forsten Galye Osterberg & Caren Forsten Susan Dungan
2003 Ellen Moore Susan DiLiddo & Laurie Anne Ryan Linda DuRoss & Ellen Spencer
2004 Joanne B. Faulkner Susan Marshall & Bekki Welter Sheri L. Hardison
2005 Coleen O'Malley Jenny McCarthy &
Elizabeth Carriger
Kate Arciere & Jenny Demory
2006 Aimee Picard & Margaret Porter Jennifer Dinh Kim Short-Persaud
2007 Julie Sedlock Shiela Corley Kristine Chaze & Laura Rose
2008 Jennifer Hemingway Margaret Barry, Erinn Gray, Lynnel Ruckert & Frazier Schulman Kelly Wilson-Pisciotta & Erin Cromer
2009 Alicia Lee Shiela Corley & Mary Moran Miller Tina Shoepe
2010 Elisabeth Carlisle Somerville LaToya Wesley Carly Rockstroh
2011 Jennifer Oh Courtney Mesmer & 
Lindsay Mutimer
Brooke Horiuchi
2012 Carly Rockstroh Jenna Rose Frazier Schulman
2013 Amy Shuart Stephanie Short & Sloane Hurst Nichol West
2014 Sarah Berg Angie Quinn & Tycely Williams Deidra Lemons
2015 Nancy Peele Joy Shepard & Jennifer Valentine Courtney Mesmer
2016 Marta Hernandez Cady Clapp & Emily Kiggins Jennifer Burns, Alison Ottenbreit, Anna Pugh & Susan Snare