A Reading Celebration!

Across the District of Columbia this year, the Junior League of Washington’s Resolution Read is helping to put 100,000 books in the hands of kids. This past Tuesday at Neval Thomas Elementary, JLW members were on hand to celebrate with fourth and fifth graders at a book distribution with Reading is Fundamental, and I was lucky enough to be on hand to see Resolution Read’s work in action.

Students listened attentively to award-winning author Kelly Starling Lyons read from her new book Hope’s Gift, a story of a family that is freed by the Emancipation Proclamation. The author gave the children instructions on responses to certain lines from the book; whenever she said, “Nothing can keep freedom from coming,” the children would all respond, “Nothing!”

The students, shown here with author Kelly Starling Lyons, each chose two brooks to bring home.
[Photo Credit: Reading is Fundamental]

After the reading, Kelly Starling Lyons spoke with the children about being an author and what inspires her writing. The students named their favorite books, including Harry Potter and Amelia Bedelia. I could see these students clearly had a love for reading and were excited to have new books to dig into!

JLW President Wendy Cumberland and 
JLW members Carly Rockstroh and Amber Huffman 
chat with Pat Mara at the distribution.

There were more special guests on hand as well. Mary Lord and Pat Mara, both members of the DC Board of Education, were on hand to talk about the importance of reading and how projects like Resolution Read are helping kids in the DC schools.

JLW members were on hand to help children choose their books. There were so many to choose from, though I couldn’t help but notice many kids choosing Goosebumps books! What a great memory; I remember reading Goosebumps books when I was that age, too!

This one book distribution had been so exciting for the students, and it is thrilling to think that the JLW is making it possible for distributions like this to happen across DC. I’d encourage members to support Resolution Read in any way they can, either through participating in a distribution or through supporting fundraising efforts like Fete this Saturday night.

As the JLW marks 100 years in the community, it’s so great to see the League’s work help instill a love of reading in students that will last a lifetime. Seeing it in person, it’s enough to give you…well…goosebumps!

Kristen Soltis,  Public Relations Committee Chair