President’s Welcome

Welcome to the Junior League of Washington!

During our 2017-2018 League year, we celebrate the 105th Anniversary of our League. And we have a lot of celebrating to do!

We celebrate who we are as a League. We are a vibrant, sustainable, thriving, 105-year-old organization with a mission to develop the potential of women, to promote voluntarism, and to improve our community through the effective action and leadership of our trained volunteers. We are able to stand here after all this time because of the women who came before us – women who believed whole-heartedly in this mission and who believed in our impact. We are grateful for the powerful women in our past, and we will seek to honor them in our future.

We celebrate who we are as members. We number more than 2,300 women who represent five different generations threaded together by a common belief in the same mission and the conviction that, together, we will fulfill it. We are leaders in our community, our professions, and our homes. We are friends and, really, family.

We celebrate our presence in the community. We directly impact more than 20 different community organizations in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area through volunteer and financial support. The needs of our community have evolved over our 105 years, but our commitment to improving it has not changed. Our members are sought-after volunteers, from direct service to Board engagement, and are known for our commitment to the community where we live and work.

And we celebrate the bright future in front of us. Our 2017-2018 League year includes the launch of a new strategic plan – a plan that is largely based on continuing our League’s current successes and capitalizing on this momentum to further advance our mission. We will challenge ourselves to continue evolving to meet the needs of all our members where they are. We will continually examine the needs of our community and how we can best meet those needs. We will remain committed to developing the potential of women. What a powerful statement that is.

Thank you for your interest in the Junior League of Washington. Take a moment to explore our website and discover all the many reasons we have to celebrate in our 105th year!


Aimee Picard Soller
JLW President, 2017-2018

Photo Credit: Sally Brewer, Sally Brewer Photography