Annual Sustainer Fall Luncheon

The Sustainer Committee held its annual Fall Luncheon at the Chevy Chase Club on Friday, Oct. 16. A signature event for the JLW sustainer population, the event’s purpose is to reunite members from the previous volunteer cycle and introduce them to new members. A group of 77 League members were in attendance.

While enjoying lunch, reuniting with old friends and becoming acquainted with the new, the ladies were honored to have Author Sharon Hadary as the guest speaker to discuss how to “Lead Boldly! Lead Like a Woman!” As the Founder of the Center of Women’s Business Research, Hadary is a front-runner in studying women’s entrepreneurship and leadership. Her recent book, “How Women Lead: The 8 Essential Strategies Successful Women Know,” was also featured for the sustainers to provide more insight on leadership, mentorship and maximizing opportunities.

Next on the sustainer calendar is the Holiday Shops Breakfast, this Friday, November 5.