Connecting the Dots: Learning More about Our Members and Mission through JLW’s Annual Survey

Each year, the Junior League of Washington (JLW) polls our members to gather feedback on important topics. In addition to the standard, year-over-year questions regarding member satisfaction, placements, reasons for remaining active, and training opportunities, etc., the Strategic Planning Committee also develops new survey questions based on current initiatives, including findings from the 2015-2016 Membership Task Force, as well as themes under consideration for the League’s new 5-Year Strategic Plan (2017-2022). Based on these results, JLW takes steps to improve both the member experience and our footprint in the community – such as creating new placements (e.g. Leadership Institute and A Wider Circle Committees), implementing targeted Annual Plan tactics, and taking on special initiatives (e.g. Women’s Leadership Luncheon and Day of Service), to name a few.
For 2016-2017, JLW is excited to report that 679 members participated in the Annual Survey, representing a 35% increase compared to last year’s 503 participants. Especially important to note was a spike in Sustainer participation – up 126% from last year. Through these results, we are able to gain valuable insight into members’ experiences.
Let’s explore how the survey fits into the bigger picture of JLW:

·        There was a 7% increase in members who selected “Very Satisfied” compared to last year’s survey
·        28% of participants are more satisfied with their JLW experience than they used to be, and 53% are just as satisfied with their JLW experience
·        55% of participants are very satisfied with leadership; up from 52.4% in 2016 (a 2.6% increase)
Top 3 reasons why members remain active in JLW:
·        Volunteer opportunities in the community
·        Leadership development and training
·        The professional network that JLW offers
Top 3 choices for training opportunities:
·        Time management
·        Managing resources
·        How to become a leader in the community
Strategic Goals
·        Overall, survey participants strongly agree with JLW’s goals as reflected in the Strategic Plan.
·        A new question on values was added to this year’s survey to help support the Strategic Plan. Here is what members value most:
o   League friendships and networking
o   Giving back, making a difference, and improving our community
o   Volunteer opportunities
o   Leadership and development training (for personal and professional growth)

As always, we look forward to hearing from each JLW member about her League experience and how we can continue to improve. Contact us at, and keep an eye out for the unveiling of the new 5-Year Strategic Plan this summer to see how your feedback has been incorporated!