Discovering DC through the Junior League

Upon moving to the DC area, I immersed myself in learning about the city: the history, the museums, the layout of the city, and the good places to eat. While there are some things I still have yet to conquer, I can finally make it around the city with somewhat of an idea of where I am. Instrumental in this quest has been the Junior League’s events throughout the DC metro area. While I’m sure there are always discussions about keeping events close to HQ, central to work locations or where members live, the variety of options has kept my Junior League experience new and interesting.

One transfer event took place at The Phillips Collection, which is an art museum almost as old as JLW. It is America’s first museum of modern art and predates the National Gallery. I loved the story of the Phillips family. Their love of art led them to turn their home into a museum as a memorial to two deceased family members. After figuring out the correct bus to get me from McPherson Square to the museum, near DuPont Circle, I pulled up the website and listened to short audio talks on various paintings at the museum. The transfer event was part of the Phillips’ after 5 event, which combines touring the gallery with presentations, music and cocktails. The Phillips Collection is one of the many hidden gems throughout DC, and one place even the most seasoned Washingtonians may not have been to. To complete my evening at the oldest modern art gallery in America was a stop at the newest burger craze in DC, the Shake Shack.

To contrast the fancy events are the many opportunities to do service in areas of DC that my Double Decker tour never took me on. One reason I joined the Junior League was the opportunity to expand my volunteer experiences. JLW, while focusing on literacy, provides a plethora of opportunities to directly serve my new DC community.

I’ve also popped in on a few happy hours with the Transfers and with Esprit. Metro Center, Georgetown, Cardozo, Logan Circle are all areas I can now navigate thanks to the Junior League. With upcoming events in Arlington, Bethesda and who knows where else, by the end of this year, I’m hoping I’ll be making it around the city without any wondering about where I am.