First Annual All Community Placement Council Scavenger Hunt

We held the first annual CPC (Community Placement Council) Scavenger Hunt on Wednesday, April 3. The CPC Scavenger Hunt was a great chance for the ladies within our community placement committees to come together and meet people in other community committees that they might not have met before.

Scaveger Hunt 1

About 30 ladies from all community placement committees came out to embark on the Scavenger Hunt around Georgetown. They broke into teams of 4 or 5 ladies and tried to get the most points by accomplishing tasks on the scavenger hunt list. The ladies did everything from posing in store windows to racing strangers down the street and even serving a meal at a local fast food restaurant! We hope to continue this event in years to come!

Scavenger Hunt 2

– Nancy Margaret Adler, Allison McCoy and April Rosenberger, Community Placement Council Directors