JLW Offers Flexibility for New Members

Looking at the list of requirements that New Members in the Junior League of Washington must complete can seem daunting. How can you accomplish all of these commitments?

Really, it’s not that hard if you stay organized and don’t wait until the last minute. What makes it all especially simple is the JLW website, which tracks your requirements and checks when a task has been accomplished.

While JLW stresses the importance of showing up and being on time for the volunteer assignments you sign up for, everyone also understands how life can get in the way of volunteer commitments sometimes.

My grandmother passed away a few days before the New Member Mid Year Event. As I figured out flights to get to California and helped arrange her memorial service, I also had to clear my calendar for the dates I would be out of town. My new member advisor was so helpful and considerate, and there were several Community Experience opportunities that furthers the League’s literacy focus to schedule as a replacement for the Mid Year Event.

While we aren’t encouraged to miss events, JLW is a supportive group of women. There are numerous ways to fulfill obligations if we simply can’t make something happen. I’m so proud to be a part of this organization!