Kids in the Kitchen Part 4: “I Like to Move It, Move It!”

Welcome to the fourth and final installment of JLW’s 2020 Virtual Kids in the Kitchen event! This week’s information centers on how kids can move and practice breathing and easy yoga exercises to keep active.

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Part 4: I Like to Move it, Move it! 

As we’ve learned over the past few weeks, what you put into your body is a very important part of being healthy. Equally as important is keeping active and taking care of ourselves mentally and physically. Join us for a breathing exercise and kid-friendly yoga session to keep you feeling healthy all day long! 

Life moves fast. Take a moment for yourself to breathe and ensure you are ready to take on the day as the best and healthiest version of yourself!

Let’s move! Learn how to take your stretching and yoga poses to the next level in this kid-friendly yoga session. Yoga is meant to increase strength, flexibility and coordination, providing you with the foundation to become your healthiest self!  Added bonus – the poses are often named after animals! 🙂 

Thank you for following along with us these past few weeks. We hope that you’ve learned some new things.

We look forward to seeing you in person next year!