Leadership Spotlight: Amanda Walke

1.     How long have you been in the Junior League of Washington (JLW)?

I joined in 2003, so this is my 14th year in the League.

2.     Tell us a bit about your first JLW leadership experience. What inspired you to lead?

When I was in my early years of membership, Esprit had a large following for our monthly happy hour, and began partnering with our community placements and fundraising committees to collect financial donations and goods at the happy hours. The chair asked for volunteers to reach out to the Community Placement Council (CPC) chairs to coordinate the events, and looked for volunteers to lead the effort. I volunteered and stepped into what was then a small leadership role, as a vice co-chair of that subcommittee. It allowed me to make connections and meet members from other parts of JLW, as well as learn more about JLW and our volunteer opportunities.

3.     Tell us about the other positions you’ve had and what you’ve experienced through the process of developing your leadership in JLW.

I moved on in JLW leadership to serve on the Nominating Committee, as Transfer chair, then as an assistant council director for a couple of years on Membership Development, before being asked to serve on the JLW Board of Directors. 

4.     Share an example of how your leadership skills have grown or evolved as a JLW leader.

In my first year on the board as New Membership Council Director, I found I had a lot to learn about much of JLW, especially when it came to the grant and budget process. I came from the membership councils, and hadn’t experienced the “inner workings” of the League yet. I learned to listen and learn at the board while topics were being discussed, but learned the most from sitting on Finance Council. I found that I learned the most from sitting in those discussions and working on the budget. You see what all of the Councils are doing and what resources are needed. That extra meeting a month helped me get up to speed and take a more active role as a new board member. 

5.      What is the number one piece of advice you would give another woman in the League who is considering a leadership role for the 2017-2018 year? 

Take advantage of the small leadership opportunities to gain experience and knowledge. Also, you may be asked to serve in a role you weren’t expecting, but it could end up being a great fit, so be open to try new things.

Are you or someone you know interested in JLW leadership? Nominations for assistant council director and committee chair and rising chair positions and willing-to-serve forms are now being accepted. Be sure to nominate or self-nominate by February 1, 2017! If you have any questions about the nominating process, contact Brooke Horiuchi. Here are links that provide the 2017-2018 Chair descriptions and  ACD descriptions. Find the Nominating form here.