Making a big city seem smaller

One of the reasons I decided to join Junior League of Washington was because I wanted to make a big city seem smaller. I also wanted to meet women with similar interests with whom I could form lasting friendships.

The Junior League of Washington is such a large organization of women with numerous events each year that many times you do not see the same people again at another event. It can also be hard to get to know someone and make connections in such a large group of people.

In order to meet a group of ladies in my same geographical area with similar interests, I joined JLW Small Groups. JLW Small Groups are groups of women that want to meet other members who share the same interests. In order to get placed in a group we are asked to fill out a questionnaire.

The survey to sign-up for your small group asks questions such as what would you like to get out of your group, what sort of activities you would like to do in your small group, what type of women would you like to be grouped with and where would you like to meet with your group.

After filling out a questionnaire and being placed in a small group, you attend a small group event sponsored by JLW in order to meet the girls in your group. For the fall small group event, we participated in a blind wine tasting event. I had a great time meeting the members in my group in such an interesting way.

Small groups are open in the fall and the spring. For my fall small group, we decided to meet early on a Friday night for dinner at a restaurant in our area. We really enjoyed each other’s company and had a great conversation. We are also planning on meeting for a brunch or for dinner before the holiday season gets underway.

I enjoyed my fall small group so much that I’ve decided to participate in the spring as well. I filled out a second questionnaire hoping to be grouped with girls in my area that would like to attend events around town together, meet after work for gatherings and attend JLW events together. I am looking forward to the spring small groups event and to meeting my new small group.