New Member Tess Terrible Experiences Passionate Strategic Planning

The Strategic Planning Committee focuses on the long-term goals of the Junior League of Washington (JLW) and develops and maintains the League’s Strategic Plan. Tess Terrible, a New Member, experienced the passion and knowledge that goes into our strategic planning in her mini placement – an 8-10-hour sample of what it’s like to be an active JLW member for our New Members.
When asked about her experience with the committee, Tess said, “Walking into the Strategic Planning Committee meeting, I did not know what to expect. I knew I would be surrounded by some of the most experienced minds in the Junior League of Washington, so I was fairly nervous. I chose this mini placement because I wanted an opportunity to learn more about the League, leadership within the League and, perhaps, become more comfortable speaking my mind. I am an introvert, but I aspire to be a leader in my industry, and I knew I wanted more experience
“I couldn’t have picked a better time to join this committee. In my first meeting, I learned the committee was tasked to draft the League’s next five-year plan. My first meeting, I hardly spoke. I took some notes and listened to the conversation; the depth of knowledge and insightfulness of these women was truly inspiring. Conversation was civil, but these women don’t hold back. They are passionate about the League and the direction it goes, and they bring a wealth of experience to ensure that JLW continues to grow and improve the lives of women in the Washington, DC, area.”
We asked Tess about what she enjoys most about being a part of JLW, and she said, “I do not have a legacy of Junior League women in my family; I learned about the Junior League through the women in my professional life. These are women of outstanding character, grace, and ambition. What I love most about being a New Member is being part of this circle of elite women. I feel like I have a sea of advisors who constantly inspire me and seek to elevate me as I go forward in my career. In parallel, I truly feel like I am working to better the lives of other women in the Washington, DC, community who need it most. It is a cycle of mentorship and improving and inspiring women to reach their greatest heights that I am completely honored to be part of.”
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