President’s Blog: Take 2!

This year, we have been working hard to reach out to JLW members to see how we can make their time with the League as rewarding as possible. One way we’re doing that is by listening to what you, our membership, thinks about the JLW’s many efforts through the Annual Membership Survey.

By simply taking 10 minutes of your time and filling out the survey you’ll be providing the League with valuable information that will be used to further enhance your League experience for years to come.

You might wonder why some of the questions are the same as in years past.  This is because we need to track responses from year to year so as to gauge our progress on how the membership feels the JLW is progressing within its three main goals as outlined in the Strategic Plan: Building Community Impact, Building the JLW Brand, and Building an Internal Sense of Community.

Please, help out the JLW and take 10 minutes and fill out the survey so we can hear what you have to say about your JLW experience. #JLWlistens