Reindeer & Cookies & Presents…JLW My Sister’s Place Committee Gives the Gift of Holiday Cheer

With the holidays just around the corner, the JLW My Sister’s Place Committee hosted their annual holiday celebration Wednesday December 11th.  The highly anticipated event was well attended by the women and children who are currently in the My Sister’s Place emergency protection program.
Cookies, Cards, and Candy Canes
JLW committee members and 7 mini placement new members brought in all the stops to make this holiday celebration special.  Various stations were set up at the party, and kids were able to decorate cutout cookies, create personalized holiday cards, and transform candy canes into reindeer.
The friendly clients at Langley helped to provide decorations and cards to each of the families for the holidays!

Thanks for Your Adopt-A-Child Donations!

Through the committee’s successful Adopt-A-Child or Mother drive, the JLW provided holiday gifts and necessities for over 28 children and 13 mothers.  The gifts for each child provided pajamas, outfit/shoes for school, winter coat, gloves/hat, books and a toy for each child to unwrap during the holiday seasons.
At the holiday party, JLW members presented My Sister’s Place mothers with unwrapped gifts – that way, moms can wrap and give the gifts to their children at the end of the month.
“This holiday party was a great success, and a great way to pull JLW’s membership community together and Langley (another JLW community partner) to share joy in this holiday season with My Sister’s Place,” said Jackie Paranzino.
What Is My Sister’s Place?
My Sister’s Place is the largest and oldest non-profit agency exclusively serving battered women and their children in the D.C. area and the Junior League of Washington (JLW) has supported their work since the 1970’s.  Every year, thousands of victims of domestic violence find sanctuary from abuse in its residential programs and supportive services. 

Want to Learn More?
If you would like more information about the committee, please contact My Sister’s Place chair, Jackie Paranzino,