So … where are you from originally?

Introductions and ice breakers at every Junior League event most often lead with the typical Washington question, “so… where are you from originally?” More often than not, this question is rephrased to “where are y’all from originally?”

The JLW 2011-2012 new member class is comprised of ladies from most every U.S. state. Our hostesses at the New Member Mid-Year Event prepared the seating chart to ensure everyone got to know others originating from the same part of the country as them. Not surprisingly, many of the ladies are from Maryland and Virgina. Other top states were California and Texas (I’m one of two girls from Nebraska).

Our first table activity was to share what we miss most about our home state. Ladies from Louisiana craved white cheese dip. The North Carolina table spoke fondly of parking lots. When the Californians claimed Five Guys can’t hold a candle to In-N-Out, the Hoosiers had to stand up and defend Steak ‘n Shake.

Yet despite our differences, the new member class has a lot in common. During the second table activity, we shared our favorite Junior League experience from the year so far. Whether it was storytelling at the National Book Festival, shopping at A Capitol Collection or an evening out with our advisory group, everyone agreed they’ve most enjoyed getting to know fellow League members and making new friends.

Maggie’s table at the New Member Mid-Year Event 2012