Advisor Meetings – Only One Left

Everyone joins the Junior League for different reasons: to meet people, get to know DC, or to find volunteer opportunities. The New Member group is in all different stages of life – married, career-focused, moms, single. With all these differences and the sheer size of the JLW, it seems like it might be hard to find your footing in the Junior League. That’s where New Member Advisors come in.

My advisor is Heather Foss, and she does a great job of turning the Junior League into an intimate group of friends and answering questions we may have. New Members are required to meet with their Advisor group four times during their New Member Year.

I have such a great time at these meetings! It’s a chance to connect with the other New Members in my Advisor group and see which Community Experiences or Mini-Placements they are doing. Heather also uses these meetings as an opportunity to check-in with each of us to see how we are doing on our requirements and fill us in on upcoming meetings and events.

We had our third Advisor Meeting last week and I was pretty sad to think we only have one more Advisor Meeting left before our New Member year is over. Getting together with new friends at Coco Sala, a chocolate lounge and boutique in D.C., doesn’t really feel like it should be fulfilling a requirement – it was simply too much fun!