President’s Award Recipients

The Junior League would like to recognize, congratulate, and, most of all, thank the following award winners for their years of volunteer service and leadership.

2021: Kelly DeLoach & Lindsay Wilson, Community Placement; Lauren Niles Whalen, Community Support; Natalie Hales, In-League Service

2020: Lindsay Wilson, Community Placement; Kelly Hunter & Katrina Washington, Community Support; Michelle Freeman, In-League Service

2019: Ilana Kowarski, Community Placement; Christina Babcock, Community Support; Laisha Dougherty, In-League Service

2018: Stephanie Hoehn, Community Placement; Mary Margaret Hart, Community Support; Jackie Frederick-Maturo, In-League Service

2017: Jennie Kronthal, Community Placement; Sara McGanity, Community Support; Chloe Mullins, In-League Service

2016: Marta Hernandez, Community Placement; Cady Clapp & Emily Kiggins, Community Support; Jennifer Burns, Alison Ottenbreit, Anna Pugh, & Susan Snare, In-League Service

2015: Nancy Peele, Community Placement; Joy Shepard & Jennifer Valentine, Community Support; Courtney Mesmer, In-League Service

2014: Sarah Berg, Community Placement; Angie Quinn & Tycely Williams, Community Support; Deidra Lemons, In-League Service

2013: Amy Shuart, Community Placement; Stephanie Short & Sloane Hurst, Community Support; Nichol West, In-League Service

2012: Carly Rockstroh, Community Placement; Jenna Rose, Community Support; Frazier Schulman, In-League Service

2011: Jennifer Oh, Community Placement; Courtney Mesmer & Lindsay Mutimer, Community Support; Brooke Horiuchi, In-League Service

2010: Elisabeth Carlisle Somerville, Community Placement; LaToya Wesley, Community Support; Carly Rockstroh, In-League Service

2009: Alicia Lee, Community Placement; Shiela Corley & Mary Moran Miller, Community Support; Tina Shoepe, In-League Service

2008: Jennifer Hemingway, Community Placement; Margaret Barry, Erinn Gray, Lynnel Ruckert, & Frazier Schulman, Community Support; Kelly Wilson-Pisciotta & Erin Cromer, In-League Service

2007: Julie Sedlock, Community Placement; Shiela Corley, Community Support; Kristine Chaze & Laura Rose, In-League Service

2006: Aimee Picard & Margaret Porter, Community Placement; Jennifer Dinh, Community Support; Kim Short-Persaud, In-League Service

2005: Coleen O’Malley, Community Placement; Jenny McCarthy & Elizabeth Carriger, Community Support; Kate Arciere & Jenny Demory, In-League Service

2004: Joanne B. Faulkner, Community Placement; Susan Marshall & Bekki Welter, Community Support; Sheri L. Hardison, In-League Service

2003: Ellen Moore, Community Placement; Susan DiLiddo & Laurie Anne Ryan, Community Support; Linda DuRoss & Ellen Spencer, In-League Service

2002: Caren Forsten, Community Placement; Gayle Osterberg & Caren Forsten, Community Support; Susan Dungan, In-League Service

2001: Amy Balbach, Community Placement; Audrey E. Lamb & Stephanie D. Smith, Community Support; Sandra Aresti, In-League Service

2000: Virginia “Ginny” A. Denning, Community Placement; Kristin L. Walberg, Community Support; Sabrina Laudati Reilly, In-League Service

1999: Susie B. Greer, Community Placement; Catherine C. Sterling, Community Support; Susan Anderson Dungan, In-League Service

1998: Merrill Wegner, Community Placement; Susan Marshall, Community Support; Denise Meiners & Stephanie Platz-Vieno, In-League Service

1997: C.C. Christakos, Community Placement; Jennifer Brooke-Davidson, Community Support; Deme Anas, In-League Service

1996: Maria Marks, Community Placement; Margaret Trimble, Community Support; Sabrina Laudati, In-League Service

1995: Susan Newton, Community Placement; Jill D’Andrea & Andrea Katz, Community Support; Linda DuRoss, In-League Service

1994: Beth Raymond, Community Placement; Lissy Bower & Laurie Wolynec, Community Support; Laurie Rains, In-League Service

1993: Jennifer Iker & Liz Moore, Community Placement; Becky Beach, Community Support; Sandord McAllister, In-League Service

1992: Cindy Seibert, Community Placement; Kathy Dickason, Community Support; Barbara Block, In-League Service

1991: Shirley Grant, Community Placement; Barbara Rohde, Community Support; Sandra Lambert, In-League Service

1990: Sally Wallace, Community Placement; Lee Royen, Community Support; Mary Olivia MacLeod, In-League Service

1989: Penny Morrill, Community Placement; Linda Slattery, Community Support; Betsy Hawkings, In-League Service

1988: Mimi Barringer & Eileen Evans, Community Placement; Eileen Reed, Community Support; Janice Menki, In-League Service