Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Targeted Grants and Volunteer Resources Committee?

The Targeted Grant and Volunteer Resources Committee works to identify and select grant recipients through the Junior League of Washington grants program, awarding approximately $95k annually. The committee is comprised of close to 30 women, with diverse backgrounds and experiences who are charged with reading, scoring, and ranking applications, leading to selection of grant recipients that best align with JLW’s mission and focus area.

Who can apply for a grant from Junior League of Washington?

The grant process is open to all 501(c)(3) organizations with valid EIN numbers located within the greater Washington, Metropolitan area. Each grant type has additional criteria, which can be viewed at:

What is the difference between a Targeted Grant and a Targeted Grant for Community Partner?

Targeted Grants are available to nonprofits located in the greater Metropolitan Washington, D.C. area that do not currently have an existing community partnership with Junior League of Washington. Programs should address at least one aspect of the JLW defined literacy focus area.

Targeted Grants for Community Partners are available to organizations that have established agreements with the Junior League of Washington and where we provide trained volunteers on a regular basis through community placements. Click here to view our Community Partners.

What is the average size of a grant request?

The average grant size depends on the grant and varies from League year to League year. Historically, Targeted Grant awards have been between $25k—$30k. Targeted Grants for Community Partners are up to $15k. Opportunity Grants are smaller denomination awards and can range from $500—$1k.

Can an organization re-apply for a grant they’ve received in the past?

Previous grant recipients are eligible to re-apply for a grant that has previously been awarded to their organization. However, there are limitations. Grants cannot be awarded to the same organization in two consecutive League years. For re-applicants, Junior League of Washington encourages unsuccessful organizations to re-apply in future grant cycles.

Do I submit a progress report of any kind?

The Targeted Grants and Volunteer Resources grants program requires reports for all its grants. Targeted Grant recipients must submit mid-year and yearly reports within a year of grant distribution, and the same holds true for Targeted Grants for Community Partner grant recipients. Opportunity Grant recipients are required to submit reports no later than 45 days after the award letter is received.

What is considered Washington, D.C. greater metropolitan area?

For grant purposes, the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area includes: the District of Columbia, the Counties of Montgomery and Prince Georges in the State of Maryland, the Counties of Arlington and Fairfax, and the Cities of Alexandria and Falls Church in the Commonwealth of Virginia.