JLW Staff

The JLW staff support our community through development strategies, financial reporting, placement of members into committees, status of members, and obligation fulfillment. Our staff also provides support for JLW Leaders and administrative support to the Board of Directors while overseeing the creation of the Ballot for approval of JLW Leaders.

Terry Algire, Administrative Director

Terry’s primary responsibilities at the League include supporting JLW development strategies and financial reporting. Her favorite part of her job is having the opportunity to work with members to accomplish JLW’s mission and annual goals.

When not at JLW Headquarters, Terry enjoys running, hiking, literature and history. Terry’s career has focused on community-based nonprofits working with individuals and families to improve literacy skills.

Terry grew up in Baltimore, Maryland and lived in Jacksonville, Florida for 21 years. She has BA in English from the University of Notre Dame of Maryland. Her greatest joy is her family.

Katy Longworth, Membership & Communications Manager

Katy provides support for JLW Members in relation to placement, status, dues, transfers, and obligation fulfillment. She also provides administrative support for JLW Leaders. Katy’s favorite part about working at JLW is being able to provide support that allows the JLW volunteers to spend their time and energy in ways that directly impact the DC Community and fulfill the JLW mission.

In her free time, Katy enjoys cooking new recipes, exploring the city, and traveling. Originally from Dallas, Texas, Katy attended Oklahoma State University. She has a BS in Health Education & Promotion with an emphasis on exercise and a Minor in Business Management. Katy was married in 2009 and has lived in Fort Worth, Texas; Amman, Jordan; Arlington, Virginia; and Chicago, Illinois in the last 10 years. They welcomed their son, Kaden, in March 2018.

Olga Lefebvre, Operations Coordinator

Olga provides administrative support to staff, helps JLW members with their day-to-day needs, aids with financial reporting, and is the liaison for vendors. Her favorite part about working at the JLW is seeing the difference members make in the community.

Olga was born and raised in Southern California and found herself staying in DC after graduating from Howard University. She has a degree in Political Science and Russian, and in her free time, you will find her rooting for the Capitals, reading a book, or perfecting her chocolate cake recipe.