AJLI Hidden Resources

The JLW website provides plenty of information about our Junior League experiences. In addition to JLW’s website is the AJLI website, a place many members seldom frequent. As a transfer, it was the first place I went when I began figuring out the details of my move to DC. Not only did it provide information on where my new Junior League would be, once I signed in, I was able to look for benefits the AJLI membership provides such as special hotel and rental car rates.

The AJLI website benefits don’t stop at the Avis car rentals. The AJLI website provides information that you may want, like news and updates about other leagues and information you may need like the AJLI Bylaws and meeting minutes. Additionally, they provide opportunities to get more training and acquire leadership skills.

I joined the Junior League for a number of reasons. One of the top reasons was that my Junior League friend explained that it was a place where women trained to be leaders. The AJLI website supports this by providing online learning opportunities. The newest of these is called Webinar Wednesdays. Webinar Wednesday provides one-hour Web-Ex sessions on a variety of subjects “to help Junior League women develop as community and civic leaders.” If you can’t listen to it live, sign into your AJLI account to view past Webinar Wednesdays. Like me, if you are interested in leadership training, try the new Self Paced Courses.

While on the AJLI website, take a few minutes to look through The Knowledge Center, which is an AJLI resource center that provides “a variety of League-specific resources that provide insight and ideas on making Leagues healthy, viable organizations.” Like the Knowledge Center, the Drop In Articles section contains news on leagues and updates on AJLI developments.

So, next time your committee is stuck, or your car is stuck and you need a rental at a discount rate, check out the AJLI’s website.

Note: my AJLI log in is different than my JLW log in, so if you are having trouble logging in, don’t fret, just have your username emailed.