Boy and (Water) Bottle Soiree

The Boy & Bottle Soiree is a signature Transfer event, held by the Junior League of Washington’s Transfer Committee twice a year. I had sadly missed the one in the fall, but managed to make up for it by attending the one at Darlington House back in March. As a Transfer member, I am somewhat new to D.C. and definitely new to the League in D.C. Being part of the transfer group has been a great opportunity to meet people from different chapters throughout the U.S. and also connect with a few Floridians, one of whom is also a transfer from Junior League of Miami!

Now, getting back to the actual soiree… what is particularly special about this transfer event is the ability to bring friends (single or married) to the event. Ladies – this is a great opportunity for you to bring your cute & single male coworker or male friend! The “more the merrier” was the motto for that evening! Darlington House Cantina was pretty packed that Friday night in March. The atmosphere was fun, lively and everyone was quite approachable. What a great way to make new connections in a new city. As the saying goes: “every person is a new door to a different world,” so it’s time to go out and explore!

Editor’s note: If you’re a member of another League looking to move, or have just moved, into the D.C. area, check out information on how to Transfer into JLW. We would love to have you!