Community Impact

I’m thankful to a lot of people this year, but, as we get closer to the end of another year, I want to highlight the role of Committee Chair. It’s the most rewarding, demanding, and impactful role in the Junior League of Washington.

While the League helps us each create life-altering experiences, opportunities galore to meet talented women, and lifelong friendships, these good things are bonus to the mission of trained women having positive impacts on our Washington, D.C. community. And the collective group of women who ensure it happens every day, is our cadre of committee chairs.

Let me highlight the three areas of impact that come together for the League to be successful. First there is leadership. Committee chairs are often the first line in terms of member experience and satisfaction, as well as providing the best opportunity to foster and mentor future leaders. We all watch women we’ve worked with go on and lead great things, all because a Committee Chair encouraged them along the way and gave them opportunities to spread their wings and try new things. Likewise, committee chairs embody the spirit of community impact as they set their priorities and recognize the potential in the committee and in the League to get the job done. Because, really, none of us can do it alone. We work as a JLW community for the DC community, and our committee chairs provide the structure to connect the two.

Second, there is the success of the committee itself. Everyone knows that committees’ programs don’t just ‘happen’. They take organization, planning, cooperation … and meetings. For every hour spent in a rewarding volunteer experience, our committee chairs have spent time planning. And as all of these events are coming together, a critical thing is happening: members of JLW are teaching, learning, growing as trained volunteers for the community. The work of the committees is fulfilling our promise to the community.

Third, there is the community impact that must be considered. For example, look at the accomplishments of the children mentored through Higher Achievement Program this year. Consider the visitors to the Corcoran having a greater understanding of the permanent collection. Think about the family who will get a new set of dishes for their fresh start from this year’s Tossed and Found. And the list goes on…

So, to all you past, current, and future committee chairs, thank you for your commitment to our league and to our community.