Horton’s Kids Season Finale Easter Celebration

Horton’s Kids is a community-based organization committed to serving children living in Washington, D.C.’s Ward 8. Its mission is to enrich the children as well as prepare them for success through educational and comprehensive programs. With the volunteerism of JLW, Horton’s Kids is able to provide a well-rounded service of support to aid children in development.

The Horton’s Kids Committee met prior to the Easter Party to plan, organize, and sign up for activities. On March 20, committee members arrived at the Cannon House Office Building to setup for the occasion, and the room was filled with festive décor as the kids excitedly arrived, hopping off the buses at the Cannon House Building at 1 p.m. to get the party started!

A healthy lunch was provided then off to the activities! The party consisted of a host of fun activities such as face painting, Easter decoration stations with painting and coloring, cookie and treat decoration, Easter themed games, an egg hunt and furry surprises! This event allows the children to partake in fun, playful celebrations in a safe and supervised environment.

After the enjoyment of games, laughter, socializing and treat eating, the kids were escorted back to the buses by the volunteers. The bus will take the kids back to their community center where they were met by parents to show off their bags full of yummy treats and handmade arts! The kids are left with great memories, positive relationships and mentors to look up to. With events like these, kids have something special to look forward to for years to come.