Money Market Conversations

Who could have thought that discussing stocks, bonds, dividend yields and appreciation curves could be so exciting? Analyzing the dividend yield graphs may not be as thrilling, but reaping the rewards from investment in dividend paying stocks, is a completely different ball game.

On the evening of April 10th, the Development and Training Committee of the Junior League of Washington put together an informative seminar on financial markets: “A Different Approach to Investing in Stocks – The Power of Dividends.” The seminar was presented by Mrs. Binney Wietlisbach of The Haverford Trust Company, as well as two Junior League members: Katie Bilek and Erica Linthicum of Morgan Stanley.

Unlike other finance lectures, where my eyelids usually feel extremely heavy at the sight of a yield curve chart, this seminar was far more dynamic. The key speaker, Mrs. Wietlisbach, was very well spoken and knowledgeable, with a sincere passion and confidence in the subject matter. She spoke eloquently about the cycles of the market: the bear and bull market, the advantages of dividend stocks (i.e. enhanced income and strong corporate earnings) and how dividend paying stocks can play an exciting role in your portfolio.

What stood out the most during her presentation was not necessarily the ‘power of dividends’, but her sincere hope that we, women of this generation, would encourage our sisters, friends, mothers, to be an active part of the ‘conversations’ pertaining to investing. Being a part of the conversation seems to be the foundation and the first step to making the right decisions about the future of our finances.

How can you be a part of these conversations? Reach out to professionals in your community, take a seminar, or come to another Junior League Development and Training event – but get there early, as these are packed events!

Event: Development and Training: “A Different Approach to Investing in Stocks – The Power of Dividends”