New experiences with JLW

Growing up, my summer job was as a lifeguard at our neighborhood pool. I never got to experience what it was like to work at the mall or at a retail store. I’d like to say that my first time working as a retail salesperson was a complete success.

Since joining the Junior League this year, I heard so much about A Capital Collection of Holiday Shops and I was very excited to experience it for myself. I chose to work the event on Sunday during a shift where I would be able to work a booth and sell items.

I ended up being placed at a fabulous linen shop, Hen House Designs, with a wonderful shop owner. After a quick introduction on how to use the cash register, I was ready to get out there and start selling. It wasn’t before long that I went from listening to the store owner and learning about the products, to telling the customers all about them as if I had worked at the store for months. I had a wonderful time interacting with shoppers, making sales and chatting with the owner of the store about how she started her business, how she runs it and her plans for the store’s future.

My living room make-over with tips and products from Hen House Designs

It was hard not to eye all of the dinner napkins, pillows, hand towels and kitchen items and think about how I could use them in my own home. Along with all of the other customers, the store owner worked with me to create a new look for my dining room table, kitchen and even my sofa by adding some new pillows.

I had a blast helping out and selling such beautiful items that my shift flew by. When I was relieved from my shift, I didn’t want to leave! With all of these new retail skills under my belt, next year I’ll be sure to sign up for multiple shifts, or even A Capital Collection as my full placement.