Our New Partnership with A Wider Circle

The Targeted Grants & Volunteer Resources Committee is proud to announce its new partnership with A Wider Circle. This organization demonstrates how two groups can come together to combat poverty by helping others gain successful employment.

Dr. Mark Bergel founded A Wider Circle in 2001 with the mission of helping families lift themselves out of poverty. In May 2015, the organization purchased a 38,000 sq. ft. center in Silver Spring, Md., and now has more than 50 staff members, 15 interns and more than 15,000 volunteers every year.

A Wider Circle has a multi-pronged approach to helping individuals find a job. One main focus is a Job Skills Boot Camp that involves resume writing, interview skills, career path identification and job advancement. Individuals are also provided a personal job coach and access to computers to research jobs and write resumes.

A Wider Circle also works hard to prepare individuals for job interviews by providing the appropriate attire. Their showroom has been deemed “better than Bloomingdales and nicer than Nordstrom.” A Wider Circle promises to help anyone in need of professional attire regardless if they are enrolled in the program.

JLW is excited to partner with this incredible organization and to give members a variety of ways in which to volunteer. Committee members will be able to become job coaches and work with clients directly on a weekly basis; work in the showroom as a personal shopper to help individuals develop a professional wardrobe; and host workshops and trainings.

By partnering with A Wider Circle, JLW’s talented and generous members will be able to greatly impact many lives and continue the mission Dr. Bergel began more 15 years ago.

Please contact TGVR Chair, Nancy Margaret Ray Adler at nmradler@yahoo.com for more information.