Resolution Read: Purposefully Building Passion for Books and Reading

115,000 books — that’s how many books the Junior League of Washington (JLW) has distributed children across the DC area through our Resolution Read program.

Resolution Read is a sustained JLW initiative to make a lasting impact in the Washington, DC, community by fostering a passion for books and reading where it otherwise might not exist.  
During our centennial year in 2012-2013, JLW volunteers purchased and distributed 100,000 new books to children in the metropolitan area. Since then, we have donated more than 3,500 books a year. In particular, we focus our resources on Wards 5, 7, and 8 in Washington, DC.

To foster the importance of reading aloud to children, JLW volunteers have read aloud to small groups of children at the Takoma Park Library in DC.

To place age-appropriate books in the homes of children, JLW volunteers have assisted the District of Columbia Public Library (DCPL) with two of its annual events: STAR Family Program and Letters About Literature.

To provide more books to schools and libraries, with a large emphasis on children from birth to fifth grade, this year, Resolution Read is aiming to give a book to each child registered for the Books from Birth program. This DCPL program aims to get the almost 45,000 eligible kids registered so they can receive a free book each month from birth until they turn five.

As we look toward our next 100 years serving our community, JLW is committed to working with nonprofit organizations that make a significant difference in the area of literacy in the greater metropolitan DC area and to continuing to provide local nonprofit organizations with books and trained volunteers.

Help us grow that number by spreading the word about this important program. Organizations who help promote children’s literacy by increasing reading materials in the home, school classrooms and libraries, or improve exposure reading aloud are eligible to apply for our Resolution Read program.
If your organization is interested in receiving books – or if your favorite local nonprofit or a library is in need – please click here to apply: or email for more information.