Resolution Read

JLW provides more than 3,500 new books annually to children across the greater Washington, DC, community through our Resolution Read program. In our centennial year (2012/2013), JLW volunteers purchased and distributed 100,000 new books to children in the metropolitan area.

Resolution Read, which is part of the JLW’s Literacy Events Planning Committee, provides books to programs focused on:

  1. the importance of reading aloud to children;
  2. placing age-appropriate books in the homes of children; and
  3. providing more books to schools and libraries, with a large emphasis on children from birth to fifth grade.

By addressing these three areas, JLW will continue to make a lasting impact in the Washington, DC, community by fostering a passion for books and reading where it otherwise might not exist.

If your organization is interested in receiving books, please click here to apply.

If you know of an organization that may be interested in receiving books, or you have additional ideas on how JLW can better support literacy in the greater Washington, DC, community though our Resolution Read program, please contact

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