Transfers Provide a Wealth of Resources

I’m new to JLW and somewhat of new to the Junior League. I had just finished my first active year when I moved to DC. I was fortunate to be a part of the Junior League of St. Paul, a mid-sized league that, like the Junior League of Washington (JLW), focused many of its activities on children’s literacy. Although I may not know the proper parliamentary procedures for conducting a meeting yet, being a transfer, I am able to bring my previous league experience with me. Like new members, transfers bring our history of involvement in other organizations. This fall more than fifty transfers also bring with them their wealth of knowledge to JLW.

Some transfers have been able to experience multiple leagues or experience multiple placements. This diversity can only improve the effectiveness of JLW. Transfers have always played a vital role in disseminating information across Junior Leagues. Although the Internet has made communicating with other leagues easier, transfers are able to share their firsthand experiences to improve their new Junior League. At our recent transfer event with President Caren Forsten, she shared with us that she, too, was a transfer into JLW.

Coming to a new Junior League is like coming to a new school. Especially in a larger league like JLW, if you’ve got a transfer on your committee or see an unfamiliar face at a happy hour, stop and say hello. We are all looking forward to enjoying the same opportunities for friendship at JLW that our previous leagues included.